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The Long-term Way To Use The Press-tile Machine
Nov 01, 2018

Pressure Wah How to use it can be used for a long time, the first thing to do is to put the pressure Tile Machine maintenance manual must be Lao kee.

What should be done on a daily basis on the pressure tile machine is good we should continue every day.

First of all, the pressure tile machine surface are clean, the machine die stamping process: by the motor through the pulley, drive the input shaft, through the small gears, large gears, driven on the shaft, through a set of CAM mechanism to drive the sliding seat mounted on the upper die movement, to achieve the pressure tile. The rotary table is arranged in the upper shaft end of the gear set, transmission dial pin gear, toggle mounted on the six-square runner shaft groove wheel To achieve the indexing positioning, at both ends of the upper axle with a mounted on the same axis and the pressing cam conjugate back cam, through the positioning lever and positioning plate to achieve the precise positioning of the working position of the die. In the left and right sides of the chassis, a lubricating pump is installed, the machine is working, the tubing to the friction moving parts of the lubricant.

Knowledge of the structure and performance of the machine and operating procedures shall not be activated.

No more than the minimum closed height to work, that is, sliding the bottom surface to the minimum distance to work 290㎜ requirements up and down the height of the mold after the upper and lower plate thickness and tile thickness, not allow more than 290 ㎜, manufacturing molds should be designed according to this requirement, in order to avoid machine accidents. Always observe, slide the box and the height of the lubricating oil in the two sides of the body.

Equipment should always wipe, keep clean, do not have mud stagnant water.

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