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Maintenance And Repair Of Shearing Machine
Nov 01, 2018

1, in strict accordance with operating procedures to operate;

2, every time before the boot according to the lubrication chart requirements timing, fixed-point, quantitative and lubricating oil should be clean and no precipitation;

3, the machine must always keep clean, not paint part of the rust-proof grease;

4, motor bearings in the lubrication of the oil to be regularly replaced raise, and often check the electrical part of the work is normal and safe and reliable;

5, regularly check the triangle belt, handle, knob, button is damaged, serious wear should be replaced in time, and reported spare parts supplement;

6, regular inspection repair switch, insurance, handle, to ensure that its work is reliable;

7, every day before work 10 minutes, to the machine tool lubrication and scrubbing cleaning machine;

8, prohibit the non-designated personnel operation of the equipment, usually must do the person off-machine stop.

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