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Function Of The Press-tile Machine
Nov 01, 2018

1, pressure tile machine must use high-number pulse input function, high-number input performance is good, AB phase anti-jamming ability.and the fixed value interrupts the function, guarantees the precision.

2, the pressure tile machine detection part has: the detection of color steel tile length of the pulse encoder, pressure type of the upper and lower travel switch, cutting the upper and lower stroke switch, pressure type of the upper and lower buttons, cutting the upper and lower stroke button, emergency stop switch, hydraulic start and stop switch and so on.

3, the pressure tile machine to perform part of the inverter drive motor, hydraulic station motor, pressure type of two hydraulic solenoid valve, cutter two hydraulic solenoid valve. 4, PLC with 14 input/10 relay output, just meet the input and output requirements. With KDN text screen, can complete parameter setting, alarm display, help information, production data display and so on.

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