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The principle of leveling machine
Nov 01, 2018

The leveling machine is set up with upper and lower pressure die, wherein the upper die is fixed on the push rod of the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder block of the hydraulic cylinder is fixedly on the support frame, and each set has the independent cooling water road in the upper and lower die, and the outlet and inlet of the cooling water Road are located on the upper or lower die respectively. The ratio of the RADIUS/center distance of at least the first 5 rollers from the entrance of the leveling machine is the same as that of the traditional leveling machine, and the ratio of the RADIUS/center distance of at least the last 5 rollers starting from the leveling machine inlet is similar to that of the curling elimination machine, and the center distance between the intermediate rollers of the leveling machine increases.

In the rapid quenching and cooling, to avoid impurities on the tool or blade erosion, so as to ensure the quality of the surface and hardness of the tool or the billet, to avoid the pollution of the cooling oil Its equipment specific configuration can be based on customer requirements of the Leveling machine roll number and weight, generally there are double 7, 9, 11, 13 rollers and generally have four heavy 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 rollers, six 17, 19 roll Unit configuration: Feeding trolley, unwinding machine, pallet press device, six-weight leveling mainframe, tracking shearing system, Conveying lifting table, double-layer pneumatic discharge rack, hydraulic lifting table, unloading trolley, hydraulic system, electrical control system. The main components of the hydraulic system in this line are Taiwan high-precision components, and the fixed-scale tracking and shearing system is controlled by the German Lenze company's full positioning servo system.The electrical control system adopts imported PLC program controller and touch screen.

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