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Technical requirements for using a shearing machine
Nov 01, 2018

Shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment which is widely used in machining, it can cut steel material of various thickness. Common shearing machine is divided into flat shear, rolling shear and vibration shear 3 types. The flat shears are used in many quantities. Shear thickness of less than 10mm shearing machine for mechanical transmission, more than 10mm for hydraulic dynamic transmission. A single or continuous shear metal is generally performed with foot or button manipulation.

When operating the shearing machine should pay attention to:

1, before the work to carefully check the shearing machine each part is normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, the lubrication system is smooth, clear the table and its surrounding place has tools, measuring and other debris and corner scrap.

2, do not operate the shearing machine alone 1 people, should be coordinated by 2-3 people to feed, control dimensional accuracy and take materials, etc., and determined by 1 people unified command. 

3, according to the prescribed thickness of the shearing plate, adjust the scissors clearance of the shearing machine. Do not cut the 2 different specifications, different materials of the sheet;The cut sheet requires a flat surface and a narrower sheet that cannot be pressed.

4. The belt, flywheel, gear and shaft of the shearing machine must be fitted with a protective cover. 

5, Shearing machine operator feeding fingers should be kept at least 200mm away from the scissors mouth, and leave the clamping device. The protective fence placed on the trigger does not block the operator's eyes and does not see the cutting area.After the operation of the waste angular, the author should promptly remove, to prevent stab wounds, cuts.

6, Shearing machine flywheel, gears, shafts, tapes and other moving parts should be set up a protective cover. 7. Place the fence to prevent the operator's hand from entering the scissors falling area.

It is forbidden to pick up the waste at work to avoid being wounded by the falling workpiece.

8, can not cut the material, and never allow the cutting more than shears work ability.

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