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Structure and function characteristics of unwinding machine
Nov 01, 2018

The unwinding machine is arranged in the front end of the inlet part of the connecting unit, and corresponds with the №1 and №2 steel coil trolley respectively. One of the functions of the unwinding machine is to keep the strip under tension, and another significant effect is to realize the automatic alignment of the strip under the central Control (CPC). Shougang Continuous annealing unit is equipped with 2 unwinding machines, because the two unwinding machines alternating open-book, for the continuous production of unit follow-up equipment to create a prerequisite.

The strip tension of the entrance section is established jointly by the № 1 tension roll set of the unwinding machine and the unit. The body of the unwinding machine is welded box-shaped structure, and the variable speed motor drives the reel shaft to provide the main power for the unwinding machine by decelerating the gearbox. The reel of the coil is a hollow shaft, with two bearings supporting the gear box, the bearing is mounted between the drive spur gears. The gearbox is lubricated with a forced lubrication method and is equipped with two constant speed motors for the closed-loop oil lubrication system.

The mandrel is a cantilever structure in which the front end is supported by an external supporting bearing in order to maintain the stiffness and stability of the unwinding machine. The open-book movement shaft is connected to four sector plates by a slope dovetail groove on four end faces, and each sector plate is protected from axial movement by a radial chute at the end, but can be achieved along a radial scale. At the end of the drum shaft is connected with a rotating cylinder, the cylinder piston rod through the center of the drum shaft lever drive the front four-axis axial sliding, thereby driving the sector plate radial contraction. The reel can be added with an additional four sector plate to increase the nominal diameter. The machine frame of the unwinding machine can be moved on the guide rail of the frame, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, which can realize the central position control.

In order to strengthen the stability of the drum, the drum head design has a support arm device, when the reel has a steel coil, the support arm through the cylinder drive, hold the drum head, usually the support arm retracted, will not affect the volume of the coil.

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