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Installation matters of the press-tile machine
Nov 01, 2018

The die for the equipment used in the press of the machine requires an upper die and six lower die of the same size, first installed on the die and a lower die, the lower die directly installed on the six-square runner table, the upper die mounted on the bottom of the sliding seat, and placed the appropriate thickness of the pad, to ensure that the upper and lower mold after the mold, the surrounding gap evenly, the distance between the upper and lower modules is equal to the thickness of the required tile. Then the above mode, the table to turn, installation of the remaining five to pay the mold, all installed on the upper and lower modules to drive after the pressure tile. Press Tile Machine Equipment Manual put blank, take blank work procedure: Before the equipment use, to check whether the connection is solid, installation bolts, nuts are tightened, left and right chassis should be added to lubricate oil, in order to start the machine for commissioning, the first empty operation carefully observed, there is no vibration, noise, oil window whether to oil, the movement of the components are coordinated.

All normal to install the mold, the installation of the mold, must cut off the power, with manual motor belt or large gear, so that the table to turn, and make the sliding seat up to the highest point, it is best to use an object supported in the table and sliding seat between the bottom surface, in case the sliding seat natural whereabouts, causing accidents. The equipment features: the equipment has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, easy replacement of mould and so on. The whole unit Automation control system adopts the high integrated network, which makes the automation system performance more superior; The device uses high-level automatic control software, Realization of production information management in the production of pressure tile machine equipment produced by the color plate straightening process, the profile will be moved from the top, bottom, left, right, which requires the straightening mechanism and the gap between the profile is relatively loose some, straightening mechanism and profile of the upper, the left, the right surface can have a certain gap between the size of the gap in 0.010-0.050in(0.25-1.25mm), if the straightening torsional deformation, the gap can be smaller.

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