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Failure repair of plate shearing machine
Nov 01, 2018

1, inquire the equipment operator, understand the shearing machine hydraulic system equipment operation condition. These include: the hydraulic system of the shearing machine is working normally, the hydraulic pump has no abnormal phenomenon, the hydraulic oil detects the cleanliness time and the result, the filter is cleaned and replaced, whether the hydraulic element is adjusted before the fault, whether the sealing element has been replaced, and the abnormal phenomenon occurred in the hydraulic system of the shearing machine before and after the fault.In the past, the system has been faulty, how to exclude, etc., need to understand each.

2, look at the actual condition of the hydraulic system of shearing machine, observe the problems of system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and so on.

3, listen to the sound of the shearing machine hydraulic system, such as: impact sound, pump noise and abnormal sound, to determine whether the hydraulic system is working properly.

4, touch temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the tightness of the joints to determine the shearing machine hydraulic system moving parts working condition is normal.

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