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Development status of the Strip machine
Nov 01, 2018

Now China's sub-machine manufacturing enterprises to use international brand sales resources to achieve export. The use of its sales network in the international market to export complementary host products, OEM products to enter the international manufacturer's supply chain, the form of spare parts into the international manufacturers and Maintenance company maintenance system, in the foreign target market investment in the establishment of host production base, to achieve localization of the assembly and manufacturing. Clear industrial strategic positioning, accelerate the integration of enterprise resources, cultivate a world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises, cultivate and support China's machinery industry strong enterprises to develop into a world-class Chinese machinery industry enterprises are China's major development goal.

To support qualified enterprises to enter the international machinery industry chain, to support qualified enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises into the international engineering industry chain and supply chain, so that the use of existing resources to maximize. Perfect the market environment of Chinese machinery industry, form the market system of modern machinery industry, provide the fair environment of industry development. Forming the market system of the modern machinery industry involved in the capital market, marketing market, second-hand market, attaching importance to the Chinese rights and interests of the assets reorganization project, establishing an early warning mechanism for industrial protection, and the import tax exemption policy for some large-scale key equipment in some machinery industry at present.

It is unfair to develop large-scale key equipment in China's machinery industry. To form the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the basic way of the development of China's sub-machine is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and to develop the key elements such as product, brand, technology, standard, manufacture, management and sales network, and form the core competitiveness of enterprises. Leading product comprehensive upgrade, leading product upgrade is the key to form the core competitiveness of the entry point, is to consolidate the Chinese market, the basis for the development of international markets; well-known enterprise brand cultivation, to the market and users, the core value of machinery industry brand first mainly embodied in product quality, good service quality and products in the second-hand equipment market.

The high residual value of three, further is the charm of corporate culture.

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