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Characteristics of control system of automatic palletizing machine
Nov 01, 2018

The main control components, including programmable controller, variable frequency speed controller, proximity switch, push button switch and terminal block are all using quality products to ensure the reliability and long life of the system hardware. High-quality hardware and specialized control software designed by experts combine to achieve high system automation. Perfect safety interlock mechanism, can provide protection for equipment and operation personnel.

Graphic Display touch screen makes palletizing machine easy to operate, fault diagnosis is easy, and convenient maintenance and repair.

Classification of automatic Palletizer: Stacking machine, palletizing machine, automatic stacking machine, automatic palletizing machine, palletizing robot, Robot The workpiece on the plate meets the requirements of the pallet, and the plate and workpiece move forward to the vertical surface of the pallet. The upper stopper lever is lowered, and the other three-way positioning stop lever is clamped, and the plate is reset. Each workpiece descend to the pallet plane, the pallet plane and the flat bottom surface are 10mm apart, the pallet drops a workpiece height.Reciprocating the above until the pallet stacking code to meet the set requirements.

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