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Accessory Equipment Series

  • Door Farme Roll Forming Machine

    Door frame Roll Forming Machine Door frame forming machines can be divided into three categories: ordinary door frame forming machine (disposable), door frame half forming machine (adjustable type) and fully automatic door frame forming machine. Among them, the door frame...

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  • Window Frame Roll Forming Machine

    Window Frame Roll Forming Machine It is commonly used in the decoration and decoration process to protect the door from scratches, corrosion, damage, dirt, etc. It is generally tailor-made, because each door frame needs to be customized according to the specific size of each...

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  • Wall Gutter Roll Forming Machine

    Wall Gutter Roll Forming Machine Wall gutter roll forming machine is use on the building. Generally speaking, it is waterproofing on the wall and the roof, that is, at the intersection of all the flat surfaces that need to be waterproofed, and wrapping the corners with...

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  • Ground Tank Roll Forming Machine

    Packaging 1. Tighten to container with steel wire rope and welded machine with container by angel iron 2. Main forming machine and un-coiler is naked(If you need we can also packed with water-proof plastic) 3. PLC contral system and motor pump are packed in wooden box with...

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  • Angle Roll Forming Machine

    Angle Roll Forming Machine Color steel plates or aluminum plates of different colors are used as raw materials, and the products are used for the construction of exterior roofing and wall panels of houses, interior decorative panels or ceilings, etc. The Angle roll forming...

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  • Slitting Machine

    Slitting Machine Slitting machine usage: slit the strip into several required strips, The base is welded by steel and steel plates, and is qualitatively treated. Company Information Our company is a manufacturer with strong technologies for cold-forming equipment and its...

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  • Bending Machine

    Bending Machine Bending machines are made up of manual bending machines, hydraulic bending machines and CNC bending machines. They Can be folded out of various shapes and easy to operate. FAQ 1. Are you manufacturer? Yes, we are manufacturer with 20 years experience 2. What...

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  • Leveler Machine

    Leveling Machine The leveling machine is also called the straightening machine and the leveling machine, and is placed between the rack (or the cutting machine) and the feeder for the leveling feed of the coil. It is a commonly used equipment in sheet metal processing. The...

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  • Cutting Machine

    Cutting Machine The cutting machine is a machine that shears a sheet by reciprocating linear motion with one blade relative to the other. By means of the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade, a reasonable blade gap is applied to apply shearing force to the metal...

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  • Package Side Machine

    Side Packaging Machine The device is suitable for the edge forming process of automobile cover parts such as automobile door, engine cover and radiator mask frame, and can also be used for edge forming of other thin plate parts. This equipment can be used either alone or in...

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  • Curved Roll Forming Machine

    Curved Roll Forming Machine Light weight, strong steel, good elasticity and excellent seismic performance. Reasonable force, safe storage, ability to withstand large wind loads and seismic forces Diverse design style, adaptability, scientific design concept, advanced...

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  • Automatic Stacker

    Stacker Machine The stacker is a carton that has been loaded into a container, placed on a pallet, a pallet (wood, plastic) according to a certain arrangement code, and automatically stacked, can be stacked in multiple layers, and then pushed out, so that the forklift can be...

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